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Obverse is a first person 3D environment puzzle game inspired by Cities and Eyes 5 from Calvino Italo’s Invisible Cities. The goal of the game is to find notes hidden throughout the level in order to uncover the story of the city by manipulating the level space and moving between two spatially correlated dimensions: the overworld and the obverse. Where there is a wall or obstacle in one dimension, there is an open space in the other and vice versa. Certain obstacles can be moved in each dimension allowing the player to change the other dimension and potentially open new paths towards one of the exits or a hidden note.

Use WASD for movement, E to interact and mouse to look around and move obstacles.

Created by Murley Herrle-Fanning for DATT3300 Lab 1

Game Design Document


ObverseFinal.zip 91 MB

Install instructions

Extract the whole folder and run Obverse.exe

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